How to Bathe a Russian Tortoise?

Answer Here's how to bathe/soak a Russian tortoise!!

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How big will a russian tortoise get?

The Russian tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii)--also known as the Russian box turtle, four-toed tortoise or Afghanistan tortoise--is a small tortoise species. Females generally grow larger than mal... Read More »

How to Breed a Russian Tortoise?

Russian Tortoises are one of the most commonly kept and easiest to breed of the pet tortoise species. They are often seen at chain pet stores and are a staple of specialty shops in the United State... Read More »

How much do you feed a russian tortoise?

On One Hand: Grazing PetsOne option for keeping Russian tortoises is to house them in a portable pen outside, and allow them to graze on the grass as they want. They're getting more exercise in a p... Read More »

How much does a Russian tortoise cost?

The price of a Russian tortoise depends on the age and gender of the tortoise. As of 2010, an adult male cost around $100, while a female cost about $150. Baby Russian tortoises generally cost betw... Read More »