How to Bathe Your Cat or Dog?

Answer Bathing a cat is often times harder than a dog, but the washing process is mostly the same. Want to know how to bathe your cat or dog without getting scratched? This is the article for you!

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How to Bathe Your Pet Rat?

Sometimes, your rat can get dirty or stinky! You don't want that, so bathe your rat the proper way! If you don't your room may very well end up smelling like rotten eggs.

How to Bathe Your Puppy?

Your puppy is dirty, their skin smells funny, he has dirty paws. Whatever the reason, your puppy needs a bath. Read this to learn how.

How to Bathe Your Pet Rabbit?

In general, pet rabbits do not need baths. It may be necessary to bathe your rabbit when he gets excessively dirty. If dirt, urine, feces, or another foreign body is on your rabbit, so much that it... Read More »

How to Bathe Your Frog?

So you're cleaning your frog's container and your frog seems dirty? How do you bathe him? Follow the instructions carefully.