How to Bathe Your Cat With a Damp Towel?

Answer Your cat has managed to get dirty/soiled itself and you need to clean it up... but it's never had a bath before - or the last bath you tried to give it ended in scratches and yowls!This method does... Read More »

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How to Make a Damp Paper Towel?

For dusting or cleaning certain objects, one often wonders if the cleaning product in hand might damage the object you're going to clean. A "damp" paper towel, as opposed to dripping wet, is often ... Read More »

Explanation of Why Placing a Damp Towel Over a Fan Will Increase Its Ability to Cool a Room?

Trying to stay cool on a hot summer day is challenging, but attempting to sleep on a hot summer night can be worse. During the 1920s in the Arizona desert, a simple solution was discovered by local... Read More »

Just moved in - flat damp already in July - bedding damp after less than one week!?

It sounds like you have a condensation problem, are you in a basement flat? if so it sounds like the owners of the flat have not had any tanking carried out as this drains away any condensation bei... Read More »

How to Fold a Towel for a Towel Rack?

Folding a towel is one of many ways to tidy up your bathroom. There are a lot of approaches and styles to folding a towel, but this tutorial is very basic. Follow it to learn a simple yet elegant w... Read More »