How to Bathe Budgies?

Answer Budgies, also known as budgerigars, are small, lively birds that do well when kept alone or in small groups. These easy maintenance birds love water and stay perfectly clean without the need for so... Read More »

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Do budgies get arthritis?

Budgies can develop arthritis. If your parakeet has swollen feet or poor balance or, take him to the vet for a check-up. Your vet may prescribe medicine, but you can enhance your animal's comfort b... Read More »

How to Tame Your Budgies?

A budgie is a small pet parakeet. If you are having trouble taming your budgies then your worries and problems will stop here! Read on!

How to Feed Budgies?

We all want our budgies to have the best life possible, & Diet is the route to all good health. Plus, tasty food makes everyone happy. So, what do you feed a budgie? Find out, & read on!

How to Care for Pet Budgies?

Budgies are members of the parrot family and, although they do not require the amount of space as their larger cousins, they require the same type of care. To properly care for budgies you need a f... Read More »