How to Batch Convert Images Using IrfanView?

Answer Converting the filesBatch processing files can be a bit tedious. There are some programs that simplify the process. One of them is IrfanView. This article can show you how to do it.

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How to Use IrfanView to Share Your Images Online? might want to be sure to resize your images!There are lots of programs that make it possible for you to get your images online, but they usually cost a lot of money and are hard to figur... Read More »

How to Batch Process Images With Image Tuner?

Converted with Image TunerWhen you have a lot of images that you want to do something with, like resizing, renaming, etc, having a software to do that with is always nice. Image Tuner is just that.... Read More »

Where can i download a free program to convert raster images to vector images like Illustrator Live Trace?

The part of your question that makes this the most difficult to answer is: "FREE". There are several applications that will do what you are wanting to accomplish, but I am not aware of any which ... Read More »

How to Batch Convert WAV to MP3?

Batch converting WAV files to MP3 is easily done with a free audio conversion program such as Switch, dBpoweramp or iTunes (each of which allows you to convert multiple files at the same time). Sim... Read More »