How to Bash Script for Mass Changes?

Answer This is a simple Linux tutorial teaching you how to use some bash-scripting to make "for loops" and have mass changes in a Linux server. I will be using the example of having many permissions on di... Read More »

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How do I do this in a bash script?

sed '/package_extract_file(\"boot.img\", \"\/dev\/block\/mmcblk0p5\");/ i \the line you want added' the file to be worked on

How to Use Exec in Bash Script?

Unix has a number of different shell languages for the command line, with names such as Korn shell, CShell, Bourne shell and Bash. The difference is usually in the syntax and grammar of commands op... Read More »

Read from a file Bash shell script?

This site should help:…

Input in while loop of bash script doesn't work?

@echo off set msvc="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8":testif exist msvc goto goodecho The path to Microsoft Visual Studio wasn't foundecho I need that path in order for my program to work... Read More »