How to Band a Mane?

Answer If you are planning on showing a stock breed in a halter or western pleasure class, you will need to band his or her mane. You see bands on breeds like Quarter Horses, Paints, Pintos, Appaloosas an... Read More »

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How to Braid a Horse's Mane?

In the show ring, a good braiding or plaiting job not only shows off the curve of your horse's neck, but it also keeps the mane out of your face when jumping. There are many variations of braids to... Read More »

How to Make Mane Detangler?

Mane detangler can be used on horse's manes and tails to help stop them tangling, and help you to untangle them without breaking too much of the hair. Regular use can also help keep them clean.

Mane 'n' tail shampoo....?

Mane 'n Tail shampoo was originally made just for horses, but the trainers saw such amazing results that they started using it on their hair. The company caught on and made a special adaptation for... Read More »

How to Bump a Horse's Mane?

Your going to a horse show and the class your in requires braiding. But there's one problem, You don't know how to braid. Just follow these steps and you will be the best braider on the block. It m... Read More »