How to Balance Upstairs & Downstairs Temperatures?

Answer In a two-story home it can be difficult to balance the temperatures between the upstairs and downstairs. As air gets hotter, it becomes less dense and rises. As it cools, it becomes more dense and ... Read More »

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Can Mold Spread From Downstairs to Upstairs?

Mold spreads as airborne spores travel from one location to another and begin to germinate. Within a home, mold can spread from walls to ceilings, from grout to tiles, and in some cases, it can eve... Read More »

Connecting downstairs desktop to router upstairs....?

There are those..AC-plug adapters..that send the network thru the house../I'll go get a URL/=========This is a whole page of products....…

Can two televisions be linked to one aerial (one upstairs/one downstairs)?

My Toilet Downstairs Bubbles When Taking a Shower Upstairs?

The toilets in your house normally never should form bubbles in their bowls, because the presence of bubbles indicates a problem with your plumbing. Bubbles might come from a partial clog in the to... Read More »