How to Balance Theatre, School, Friends and Family?

Answer Most performers will agree that theatre is one of the most rewarding activities you can possibly do. However, it isn't possible to devote all your time to theatre. Here's how to ensure you can do t... Read More »

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How to Balance Work and Family?

To balance work and family means to give yourself equally to both areas of your life and not neglect one over the other. Creating this balance does not always come naturally and needs organization ... Read More »

How to Balance School and Life (Middle School)?

Have your grades gone down because of your social life? Or maybe your grades are great but you have little time for socializing. It is really not that hard to balance your life and still have fun!

How to Balance Your Family Life While Building Your Internet Business?

Here are some tips to help make parents and kids enjoy each passing day, while working at home developing your internet business.

How to Be in Theatre Tech Crew in High School?

The Theatre Technicians often go unnoticed in high school despite being responsible for a massive amount of work. Techs are responsible for lighting, sound, sets, props, stage management, and all a... Read More »