How to Balance New Tires?

Answer Vibrations felt while driving above 50 mph typically are due to out of balance tires. It is important that your wheels be as close to perfectly balanced as possible, due to the many dangers that ma... Read More »

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How to Balance Car Tires?

If you find yourself accelerating in your car and sensing a vibration as you speed up, your tires may be imbalanced. It sounds like a minor issue, but if they aren't addressed, imbalanced tires can... Read More »

How to Balance Tires?

Balanced tires are vital to safe driving. When the tires are out of balance, they place stress on the shocks, bearings and other parts of the wheel assembly. You should normally let an expert balan... Read More »

How to Balance Auto Tires?

A good driver is a safe driver. Balancing the tires of your vehicle is a necessary act to ensure that you are operating safely and economically. Unbalanced tires can cause your vehicle to wobble an... Read More »

How to Rotate & Balance the Tires on a BMW X5?

The X5 was German automaker BMW's first foray into SUVs and was undeniably a huge hit. The X5 combined aggressive, sophisticated styling with typical BMW engineering and performance. Like all BMWs,... Read More »