How to Balance Math Equations?

Answer Math equations, also known as number sentences or algebraic equations, act like a scale where the equal sign is the fulcrum, or balance. Typically, there is at least one unknown, or variable, for w... Read More »

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How do I Balance Math Equations for 2nd Grade?

Second graders generally receive their first introduction to equation balancing in the form of addition, subtraction, and addition and subtraction equation balancing. All of these operations teach ... Read More »

How to Balance Net Equations?

Unlike molecular or general equations, ionic equations show the state of each reactant and product. The label (aq) indicates that ions or elements are dissolved in solution while others such as (s)... Read More »

How to Solve Pan Balance Equations?

Pan balance equations provide a visual representation of algebraic equations, and, as such, are a great learning tool in introductory Algebra. You can solve these problems by drawing out an actual ... Read More »

How to Balance Polyatomic Ion Equations?

Chemical reactions often involve reactants and products that are in more than one of the states of matter. A special class of reaction occurs between ions in water solution. Balancing these equatio... Read More »