How to Bake Food in Clay Dirt?

Answer Many primitive cultures have cooked food in clay, including the Native Americans in the Massachusetts area at the time the Pilgrims arrived. Wrapping food in clay before burying it in hot coals loc... Read More »

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How to Bake Air Dry Clay?

Air-dry clay typically relies on the evaporative properties of air to harden. However, oven-drying accelerates the hardening process, decreasing drying time from 12 to 24 hours to an hour or less, ... Read More »

Can you plant grass seed on clay dirt?

Grass seed can be planted in red soil, but to optimize growth some things need to be done first. Add lime to the soil, then till up the soil to mix the lime and kill the weeds so the grass does not... Read More »

How do I grow yucca plants in clay dirt?

LocationDetermine your planting location. Yucca plants do best with good drainage and plenty of sunlight.Prepare the SoilPrepare the clay dirt. Dig a hole three times the width of the yucca plant's... Read More »

How to Bake in Clay Flower Pots?

One of the earliest manners of baking foods, such as bread, was done on stone. Clay pots were introduced in the Bronze Age and were placed over the stones to act as small ovens. Although you are mo... Read More »