How to Bake Codfish?

Answer Cod is a delicious fish that will literally melt in your mouth when it is prepared correctly. While recipes vary, baking is widely understood as the best method of preparing cod for its health and ... Read More »

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How is a corset like a codfish?

I don't know but I adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee corsets, every color, every shape, every lace tie up, even the women who wear them are adored by me, there is nothing sexier than a perfect corset being worn ... Read More »

Is pollock the same as codfish?

Pollock is a type of codfish. Several species of fish are called codfish, including burbot, coalfish, Atlantic and Pacific cod, haddock, hake, pollock, tomcod and whiting. They all belong to the sc... Read More »

How do I split a codfish?

Codfish are generally cooked after they have been salted and dried. However, many recipes call for the fresh fish already cleaned. There is a very specific way to do this.First, remove the gills by... Read More »

What is a baby codfish called?

Baby cod, like all baby fish on the planet, are called fry. Unlike mammals there is no specific name for the baby fish of any species, they are called fry. This applies to freshwater and saltwater ... Read More »