How to Bail out of Skateboard Tricks Down Stairs?

Answer Learning tricks down stairs is tough. Kickflips, Heelflips, 180s, switch tricks, or even ollies can be intimidating. Learning how to properly bail down stairs can help prevent numerous injuries.

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How to Ollie Down Stairs on a Skateboard?

How to Ollie Big Stairs or Gaps on Your Skateboard?

This should help you with Ollieing bigger stuff. It will also make you more confident and brave. This is an advanced skateboarding trick.

How to Do Easy Skateboard Tricks?

Hey guys i am a skateboarder from Washington and today if you read this you just started to skateboard now remember before performing tricks feel good riding your board.

How to Do Skateboard Trampoline Tricks?

You can use skateboards for more activities than one might think. By taking off the trucks (the mounted axles that hold your wheels), you can use your skateboard as a snowboard, or do tricks on the... Read More »