How to Backup iPhone Contacts Online?

Answer In today's world, most people keep all of their contact information on their phones. If something happens to your phone or it gets lost, all of your contact info could be gone as well. To protect a... Read More »

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How do you transfer contacts from an iPhone 4 backup to an iPhone 3G?

There are three ways...iCloud (but the 3g does not support it)SIM Card (but both phones must be unlocked)Email - Press the share button on each contact individually and Email it to youself. Then, o... Read More »

How do you backup iphone contacts and transfer them to PC easily?

Maybe you should go Discussion-Apple to look for what is iTunes user directions about how to backup your iphone. If you only want to back up iPhone contacts without saving apps or other settings, y... Read More »

If I've never worn contacts before, is it possible for me to get contacts online?

Yes. You can get anything you want online. You should get an eye exam first. You need to have your eyes measured properly to get a pair of contacts that will fit you. I used to wear crazy contact t... Read More »

How do i backup cell phone contacts?

Click the icon for your mobile provider's mobile backup on your cell phone. Follow the screen prompts to set up your account and password the first time you open the mobile backup program.Click the... Read More »