How to Backside Shuvit Rewind on a Skateboard?

Answer This may be a very fun flatground trick to master. The Backside Shuvit Rewind consists of a BS Shuvit (not a Pop-Shuvit) and a Nose Pivot. Before attempting this trick, you may want to practice Nos... Read More »

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How to BS Shuvit (Backside Shuvit on a Skateboard)?

A shuvit is an easy trick. You don't even need to ollie! This trick is simple but looks pretty cool.

How to Nollie Pop Shuvit on a Skateboard?

Okay, this is a fun, impressive way of doing a Nollie trick that will have your friends wowing at your skills.

How to Do a Backside 5 0 on a Skateboard?

This is a really easy ramp trick to do. It can be fun, yet challenging at the same time.

How to BS 180 (Backside 180 on a Skateboard)?

After mastering a basic ollie and FS 180 on a skateboard, a possible next step would be learning the stylish trick BS 180.