How to Back up Your iTunes Media?

Answer After buying songs and making new play lists you do not want all your media gone if your computer crashes. Here a few easy steps to back up your media on a CD or DVD.

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How do you get your music back If your computer crashes how do u get your music back on itunes if it is all on your ipod?

You can try this iPod to PC transfer: It can backup the files from iPod to your computer without any loss of your files. It is easy to operate. Jus... Read More »

How to Back Up Your iPhone to iTunes?

By default, iTunes is set to automatically back up your iPhone before each sync. This ensures that your data will not be lost in the event of a system malfunction or interruption. ITunes also gives... Read More »

Can you stop downloading and get your money back on itunes?

nope. i tried, but i found out that in the terms of service it says that all sales are final.

How can you upload your ipod playlist back to iTunes?

Use a program called TouchCopy. It can be downloaded for free, just google it.AnswerIt can also be done this way;Connect your ipod to the computer and you will immediately get an alert come up on t... Read More »