How to Back up Phone Memory?

Answer Many people use their cell phones to store all sorts of important data. We put everything from phone numbers to bank information to the most important dates in our life on the little accessory that... Read More »

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Is there anyway you can get back any pictures/videos back thats deleted off your memory card on your camera?

The best you can do is use a recovery program, that may do it.However in the mean time don't use this card at all. Buy another card for the mean time.Just Google for "photo recovery" or use the li... Read More »

How to Transfer Memory From the Phone to the Memory Card on an SLVR L7c?

Motorola is one of the first companies to manufacture mobile phones. The SLVR L7C is a full-color media phone, which supports pictures, audio and video files. It has a built-in memory of 64MB, whic... Read More »

Can I haggle at a phone shop, i want them to give me free memory card with the phone.?

If you look anything like your avatar then it,s yours for the asking

How can I make my phone save apps to my memory card rather than to my phone?

There is something on your phone sonewhere that enables you to export them to your memory card! Trouble is I can't remember how to get to it so check the Youtube link that someone else provided for... Read More »