How to Back Up to a WD External Hard Drive That Is Attached to My Computer in the Network?

Answer Backing up your computer system is an absolute necessity, because one malware infection or hard drive crash could put your valuable files in jeopardy of being lost forever. You can use a variety of... Read More »

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Is it possible to download saved programs from a DVR dish network external hard drive to you computer?

Yes why yes it is! How? I plugged my hard drive into my computer and I kept getting an "insert disk" message. The computer recognized the hard drive, but didn't read the files.

How hard is it to drive a uhaul with a car attached to back?

As long as you do not forget the car is back there and try to back up it is no problem! It is however VERY DIFFICULT to back up a rig like that so you really have to think ahead about your driving ... Read More »

How to Set up an External Hard Drive on a Network for a Mac & PC?

You can use an external hard drive as a network storage device for PC and Mac computers if they are already combined in an existing network. The external hard drive provides extra storage for both ... Read More »

Computer won't power up with additional hard drive attached.?

It can be a number of causes,but from my point of view it seems to be that your power supply cannot handle that much wattage.Also you didn't specify how many watts your Power supply unit can handle... Read More »