How to Back Up an Argument?

Answer Being able to formulate, back up and defend an argument is crucial in any educational discipline or career stream. Just having an opinion on something will not get you very far. In most cases you w... Read More »

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Is it illegal for a parent to tell her 7-year-old son to beat your son up after your son pushed her son in an argument when her son took your son's ball and your son pushed him to get it back?

It is not illegal for the mother to tell her child to 'Beat Up' someone. It is considered child neglect and the Child Protective Services can intervene with the parents 'Parenting Skills'.

How to Win an Argument?

If you get in an argument if its your mother, father, friend, teacher, sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend, no matter the situation, here are some tips to win an argument.

How to Stay Out of an Argument?

From kids to spouses to co-workers, people can and do get angry or upset. Once an argument begins, rarely does anything get accomplished besides both of you becoming more angry. Wouldn't it be grea... Read More »

How to Form an Argument?

An argument is a series of statements intended to provide evidence in support of a thesis, a proposition put forth for analysis and debate. Effective arguments use factual evidence as well as logic... Read More »