How to Back Up a Go Daddy Website?

Answer GoDaddy is one of many web domain and hosting companies that will help you to create and host a website. Your files will all be stored on one of GoDaddy's many servers. Many people like to have the... Read More »

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How to Transfer a Website From Dreamweaver to Go Daddy?

Dreamweaver can update your Website directly from your computer to Go Daddy's Web server. All you need to do is configure Dreamweaver's built-in FTP program with your Go Daddy account information. ... Read More »

My daddy took my car away how to get it back?

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Banned from a website, is there a way to get back on?

1. Try to clear all cookies2. Try to change your ip with free proxy servers like or by using a private vpnIF it still fails, you've got no chances except changing your device. IF ... Read More »