How to Back Up Your Mobile Phone?

Answer An unfortunate reality is that mobile phones, like any device more complex than a table lamp, are prone to occasional catastrophic failure. In some cases, a restoral to factory settings and/or wipi... Read More »

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How to Back Up Mobile Phone Contacts Online?

Considering the fragile nature of mobile phones, backing up your phone contacts is an essential part of mobile phone ownership. While backing up your contacts with your mobile phone carrier or on y... Read More »

Facebook wont let me log back in without mobile phone bullshit!?

the reason it's happening to you is because you arent allowed to make more than one facebook account, and they can tell when you do it anyways....

How many people would give back a mobile phone if they found it on the street?

i would but i know from experience when i drop my mobile phone not that far from a police station, i went to go look for it and all i found was my Sim card the mobile had gone.its not a real nice t... Read More »

What is the differnce between an Android mobile phone and an iPhone mobile phone?

The OS (operating systems) of the phones ideally are mainly what separate these two phone types. It is because of the operating systems that apps have to be specific to the OS. Apple runs the IOS w... Read More »