How to Baby Proof Your Computer?

Answer Half of the computers in America get ruined by little kids. If you want your computer to stick around for a bit read this article on how to baby proof your computer.

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How to Baby Proof Your Tv?

1/4 of T.Vs in the United States get ruined by babies. Read this article to prevent your baby from ruining your T.V.

How do you baby-proof a house?

-Plastic things on switches-Locks on doors with bleach, disinfectant etc-Baby/Toddler gates-Knives in draws or even cupboards-Animals always watched (not fish)-Doors have chain on-Doggy/Cat doors w... Read More »

How to Baby Proof a Fireplace?

Since babies are very curious, they could easily be drawn to a fireplace. This automatically makes a fireplace a very dangerous place for a baby.

How to Baby Proof Your Home?

Here are a few things you need to do to make your home safe for a child of age from newborn to three years.