How to BS 180 (Backside 180 on a Skateboard)?

Answer After mastering a basic ollie and FS 180 on a skateboard, a possible next step would be learning the stylish trick BS 180.

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How to Do a Backside 5 0 on a Skateboard?

This is a really easy ramp trick to do. It can be fun, yet challenging at the same time.

How to Do a Backside Tailslide on a Skateboard?

A backside tailslide is one of the more difficult slides, and at first you will think, "I'm not getting anywhere close," but just keep trying, you'll figure it out. You should be able to backside 5... Read More »

How to Backside Shuvit Rewind on a Skateboard?

This may be a very fun flatground trick to master. The Backside Shuvit Rewind consists of a BS Shuvit (not a Pop-Shuvit) and a Nose Pivot. Before attempting this trick, you may want to practice Nos... Read More »

How to BS Shuvit (Backside Shuvit on a Skateboard)?

A shuvit is an easy trick. You don't even need to ollie! This trick is simple but looks pretty cool.