How to Award Guardianship of a Minor in Ohio?

Answer Ohio law presumes that the natural or adoptive parents of a child will serve as his guardian through the age of majority (18). In some circumstances, the parents have passed away or are no longer a... Read More »

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Can a person who has guardianship of a minor from the legal parent in turn appoint guardianship to someone else without the consent of the original parent?

Answer No! I am a child of divorced parents and that can not be done. trust me i know! I am 16 years old!

How to Get Legal Guardianship of a Minor?

All children should have a stable home environment. So, what happens when the biological parents are unwilling or unable to provide that environment? You can step in and become a legal guardian. In... Read More »

Can a minor fill a petition for a legal guardianship?

How to Apply for Guardianship of a Minor Child in Washington State?

There are many reasons that an individual might apply to become a child's guardian. Parents might be incapable of caring for the child due to illnesses, serving jail time or even death. Many pare... Read More »