How to Avoid the Potential Risks of Geotagging?

Answer Geotagging can be a wonderful feature on the internet because it allows people to know where you took a picture of a sunset, a famous event, or even allows you to locate your own past memories in a... Read More »

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How to Avoid a Potential Lawsuit When Giving References?

Former employees, tenants and others with whom you have done business often ask for references when they apply for their next job, apartment or loan. Providing a reference for someone with whom you... Read More »

How to Avoid the Health Risks of Vegetarian Diets?

Done correctly, a vegetarian diet can have a host of health benefits. In some cases, following a vegetarian diet can even reduce or reverse your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertensi... Read More »

How to avoid those risks of getting any infections while maturbating, for girls!?

Easy. As long as you wash your hands before and after, you should be fine.Wash your hands very thoroughly beforehand, then do it. Afterwards, take a shower to just get everything off and make sure ... Read More »

L geotagging on iPhone?

No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything