How to Avoid the Freshman 15?

Answer In their first year away from home, college freshman are not used to managing their eating habits on their own. This. along with a tendency to consume alcohol, not exercise, stress out, and eat irr... Read More »

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How to Not Act Like a Freshman?

On the internet you'd be called a newbie, but in real life people just roll their eyes and haze you. But don't worry, because with these steps you can act like you are not a freshman.

How to Not Look Like a Freshman?

In high school, you obviously don't want to look like an underclassman. Especially a freshman! Learn these tips to ensure that you won't stick out like a sore thumb your first year in high school.

How to Have Fun As a Freshman?

It's good-bye middle school, hello high school. For anyone who thinks it won't be a big change, you're in for a big surprise. High school can be a challenge, a huge stepping stone to the rest of yo... Read More »

Too much makeup for a freshman?

No. I use more makeup than you, and I'm a guy