How to Avoid and Remedy Squeaking on the Clarinet?

Answer Where might the problem lie?...While the clarinet is a wonderful, beautiful instrument, it's a fact of life that it will occasionally make that gut wrenching, obnoxious, high pitched noise for what... Read More »

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How to Fix a Squeaking Ceiling Fan?

Even a quiet little squeak from a ceiling fan can become annoying and aggravating. This noise can also be a warning of serious troubles, too, so don't ignore it.

How to Keep a Dryer From Squeaking?

A dryer that squeaks during operation does so for several different reasons. A broken or frayed dryer belt or friction caused by an improperly lubricated wheel bearing are two of the possible caus... Read More »

Pr1000 Is Squeaking Help please?

Have you checked if the needle is loose or if there are any lose nuts. Please check and tighten the lose parts it may help.

How to Fix Squeaking Brakes?

If your brake pads make a metallic squeaking sound and you see no evidence of scoring on the rotors, chances are the noise is caused by dust. Some brake pads create more dust than others, based on ... Read More »