How to Avoid an Abusive Relationship?

Answer An abusive relationship, even if you survive it, will always leave some mental or physical scars. Not to mention financial damages or trust issues. This is too be avoided at all costs.

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How to Tell if You Are in an Abusive Relationship?

Do you think you're in an abusive relationship but aren't quite sure? This article will help you know.

How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship?

There are many woman and man across the world that goes through abuse. Mental and physical abuse are both harmful to the victim. Whatever the kind of abuse, once you know you are being abused, you ... Read More »

What is an abusive relationship?

An abusive relationship is characterized by one or many of both verbal and physical forms of victimization between partners. In an abusive relationship, either one or both partners may be active in... Read More »

How to Identify if You Are in an Abusive Relationship?

People in abusive relationships are at risk, and if they have children, are putting the children in harm's way. If you sometimes wonder if you are in an abusive relationship, read on, for your own ... Read More »