How to Avoid a Fine by Knowing Noxious Weeds on Your Property?

Answer Canada Thistle is a Class "C" noxious weed in WA, and a Class "B" noxious weed in ORNoxious weeds (quickly spreading non-native plants) burden Washington state by clogging waterways, invading all t... Read More »

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How to Avoid Disaster by Knowing Your Limits?

Ever been so confident you could do something and then found that your confidence was misplaced and you failed? It's easy to be overconfident and exceed limits, especially if you think nothing can ... Read More »

How to Avoid Foreclosure by Knowing Your Mortgage Type?

Losing home in a foreclosure process is a miserable thing. And the reason behind foreclosure is that people stop making their mortgage payments. Often, you can avoid this unfortunate financial cond... Read More »

How do i avoid a speeding fine. flashed by camera?

probably you will get the ticket. If you ignore it, you may be served a notice to appear in court, and ignoring that can get your name on an arrest warrant.If you get the ticket, pay it, dispute it... Read More »

What happens if a condo association places a lien on your property for a fine that you believe is unfair and do not wish to pay?

In your governing documents, including board meeting minutes, you can find the violations list, the fine schedule and the process the board must follow when you violate the 'rules' (which you agree... Read More »