How to Avoid a Creepy Stalker who Wants to Ask You Out?

Answer Are you being stalked by some creepy person that you've never met? Then this is the article for you.

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Not to be offensive or suggestive in anyway but has anyone else noticed that when you add creepy to stalker you get the word Crocker from the Fairly Odd Parents?

O yea he kind of is a stalker if you think about it =PYea when i got it it was annoyin it kept stalkin me uh how annoyin hows bout u? =PHe stalked Timmy. Creeeeeppyyyy

How do i break my thumb or wrist easly to avoid work my manager wants to see the x-ray?

Just fess up that you lied. Is it really worth it to break your own wrist or thumb? I think not!

Boyfriend wants to take a year long motorcycle trip, he wants me to go. Should I How?

Do it! Find a way to make it work financially.It will set you back a year or two, but at 22 or 23yrs old most people are still at square one with their careers, and most don't have the stories of ... Read More »

Do you think that Who wants to be a millionaire wants to renew foar another season?

It airs on the 15th September 2009 :)And it airs only twice a week so 2 days till thursdays and 4 days for tuesdays :(Thank you, look out for yenja on week three that is me