How to Avoid a Boring Life?

Answer An active person makes things; a passive person waits for things to be made. An active person works, plays, walks, run, dance, travel, speak, love, laugh, cry. A passive person doesn’t do anythin... Read More »

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How to Avoid Holding a Boring Work Christmas Party?

If your Christmas party at work is usually dead dull, here are some suggestions to liven it up.

Things to Do When You Have a Boring Life?

Everybody experiences boredom at one point or another, but an unfortunate few live in an almost perpetual state of boredom. A number of reasons exist for this condition, and some you may not be abl... Read More »

How to Make Your Life Less Boring and More Fun (for Preteens)?

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How to Burst from the Box (Spice Up a Boring Life)?

Do you live in a dull city? A small town, perhaps, where nothing really goes on? Or are you just bored out of your gourd? Here are a few steps into how you can break away from mediocre life. (It ma... Read More »