How to Avoid a Boring Life?

Answer An active person makes things; a passive person waits for things to be made. An active person works, plays, walks, run, dance, travel, speak, love, laugh, cry. A passive person doesn’t do anythin... Read More »

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How to Avoid Holding a Boring Work Christmas Party?

If your Christmas party at work is usually dead dull, here are some suggestions to liven it up.

How to Enjoy a Boring School Life?

School can be boring, lessons, teacher and homework. But you're at school for around 14 years, so you might as well enjoy it!

How to Burst from the Box (Spice Up a Boring Life)?

Do you live in a dull city? A small town, perhaps, where nothing really goes on? Or are you just bored out of your gourd? Here are a few steps into how you can break away from mediocre life. (It ma... Read More »

How to Breathe Life Into a Boring Party?

Some parties don't turn out the way they are meant to be. A party where not everyone is actually letting their hair down and enjoying heartily loses the flavor of a party and is reduced to just a s... Read More »