How to Avoid Washing Hair Every Day?

Answer Washing hair with shampoo every day can actually do more harm to the hair than most people think. If you have dry or damaged hair, washing it every day only makes it drier and more damaged. Even if... Read More »

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Washing my hair every day...?

When you wash your hair everyday, you strip it of it natural oils daily. Your hair adapts to this, and starts to overly-produce natural oils, causing your hair to feel dirtier faster. Try washing y... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Oil in the Hair Without Washing It Every Day?

Washing oily hair every day can do more harm than good. Even though shampoos for oily hair eliminate dirt, oil, perspiration and dead skin, they contain more detergent than formulas for non-only ha... Read More »

Is washing your hair every day too much?

Actually it is not good for it. I have oily hair and my aunt who is a beautician and a lady at the salon I go to apart from my aunts both told me not to wash it daily.Your hair needs those natural ... Read More »

How to get chlorine out of hair without washing every day!?

You can't get it out with just a shampoo. You need to use a chlorine removing product -- there are a couple of good products on the market. Redken and Jhirmack used to have excellent products, but ... Read More »