How to Avoid Value Traps in Stocks?

Answer Value investing is buying stocks that are perceived as being worth more than what you pay for them.[1] Stocks are valued most commonly by the net tangible assets of the companies they represent, ea... Read More »

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How to Avoid Tourist Traps in Thailand?

Whenever we travel overseas, we have a tendency to over pay for things without even having a second thought. The inhabitants know about this, and there are many store and shop owners, who just sit ... Read More »

How to Avoid Internet Site Traps?

With a perfusion of news stories about Internet scams, online stalkers, and identity theft, it's hard to feel safe online. However, there are some ways to avoid getting "trapped" by a questionable ... Read More »

First-Time Home Buyer Traps to Avoid?

Some of the traps that first-time homebuyers encounter may be laid by people they rely on for home-buying advice. For example, lenders may approve mortgages for amounts that are higher than some bu... Read More »

How to Avoid Penny Stocks Scams?

Penny stocks persistently become the victim of dishonest pump and dump schemes. Some fraud companies adopt these schemes to make money from you. By this scheme, they give false or misleading statem... Read More »