How to Avoid Using Tautologies?

Answer What's a tautology? It's a phrase which contains unnecessary repetition. For example - PIN number is a tautology. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number so if you say "PIN number", you're us... Read More »

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How to Avoid Depression Using Food?

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How to Avoid Using the Word "Retarded"?

The word "retarded" literally is an offensive term for people with intellectual disabilities. However, it is often also used as an insult, which is entirely inappropriate. Here's how to avoid using... Read More »

How to Avoid Using Fallacies in a Thesis?

Fallacies are defects in your argument that weaken the point you are trying to prove, or persuade the reader to believe. By learning to recognize common fallacies, you can avoid using them in prepa... Read More »

How to Avoid Using the Passive Voice?

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