How to Avoid Using Fallacies in a Thesis?

Answer Fallacies are defects in your argument that weaken the point you are trying to prove, or persuade the reader to believe. By learning to recognize common fallacies, you can avoid using them in prepa... Read More »

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How to Avoid Fallacies in a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is the main point of a paper and usually occurs in the first paragraph or beginning of an essay. Fallacies are flaws in reasoning that weaken this main point. When you write a th... Read More »

Fallacies About Cause and Effect?

In a formal debate or in written opinion piece, relying on a logical fallacy can let the air out of your argument pretty quickly. Common lapses in reason include errors concerning cause and effect.... Read More »

What Are the Types of Ad Hominem Fallacies?

"Ad hominem" is a Latin term meaning "argument against the man." It is a logical fallacy used when debating, and it demonstrates poor character and even poorer academic integrity. If a person is un... Read More »

Is there any ecological fallacies in homeland security?

Not unless they are also sworn law enforcement officers and authorized to carry a weapon off duty. Statutes and regulations of the different states, and of the agency by whom they are employed, may... Read More »