How to Avoid Unwanted Advice About Baby Names?

Answer Once you're pregnant, the whole world feels they have a right to advise you on what to name your baby. There are ways to avoid this often-irritating topic.

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How well known are you in baby names+Rate and comment on my favorite baby names?

Aww, I'm late...Alice Elizabeth - nice and classic, I like it! 9/10Kassidy Rose - Cassidy is one of my guilty pleasures, but I prefer it spelled with a C. The combo flows nicely, though. 7/10Juliet... Read More »

What's the best piece of advice a health care professional has given you about bringing up baby?

"Relax, Mommy, you're doing a good job"It was a huge relief when my pedi told me that I did not have to worry about everything under the sun. I believe that my son is a lot happier and healthier fr... Read More »

This or That Baby Names [Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names]?

This or That --- Moon Unit-- Reignbeau-- Poppy Honey Rosie-- Petal Blossom-- Peaches-- Pixie-- Bluebell Madonna-- Banjo-- Blue Angel-- Speck Wildhorse-- Dusti Rainn-- Sage Moonblood-- Moxie Crimefi... Read More »

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