How to Avoid Ticking Off the Actors in a Haunted House?

Answer Haunted houses are a fun part of Halloween. Here are some tips from a haunted house actor about the etiquette and common sense of going through a haunted house.

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If I burn down my haunted house and build a new house, will my new house be haunted?

Haunted House?

spider-webs, broken windows, old, crooked window panes, black cat somewhere around the house... plus a light on somewhere inside of it for a little suspicion... ;)

How to Act in a Haunted House?

Working in a haunted house this Halloween season? Read on to learn some fascinating tips on working as a scare actor, in a haunted house!

How to Draw a Haunted House?

A haunted house may be the last place you want to be in. These estates all over the world are usually abandoned. They are filled with eerie stories that would give you goosebumps and sometimes nigh... Read More »