How to Avoid Tattoo Stretching Caused by Pregnancy?

Answer When women who have tattoos on their abdomens get pregnant, the tattooed skin will inevitably stretch with the growth of the baby. But that doesn't mean that the tattoo will have to look stretched ... Read More »

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Is Stretching during pregnancy is it ever harmful?

How soon would you feel the stretching in your uterus during pregnancy?

Answer That can being as early as six weeks -- sometimes early if you have been pregnant in the past. If the cramping you feel is accompanied by blood or is excrutiating, contact your OBs office ... Read More »

I got a tattoo and it looks faded already what would have caused that?

It's not faded. It's just healing. Put A&D ointment on it for a couple more weeks then put vitamin E oil on it. When it is healed, keep using vitamin E. do this everyday and it will be fine

How to Avoid Pimples Caused by Ingrowns?

Proper shaving technique is necessary to avoid getting ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are caused by shaved hairs growing back improperly, getting stuck under the skin and causing irritating or inflam... Read More »