How to Avoid Tantrums at Playtime?

Answer When toddlers and kids don't get their way, every parent knows that a tantrum is very close. This method can be used to avoid tantrums at a friend's house, before bedtime, or in a public place.

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Do you know any end-of-playtime songs?

Make one up!!!Playtime was so much fun, so much fun, so much fun, playtime was so much fun, now its time to clean up!(tune: If we all will work together how happy we'll be)

How to Create a Playtime for a Hamster?

Playtime can have some rewards too...This guide was made with the beginner in mind to tell you how to create a fully functional hamster playtime that is healthy, fitness full, and fun.

Anti CIO and tantrums?

i can't write as much as i want right now. try googling the following: "operant conditioning children tantrums extinction" also try "type 2 punishment chilren (wiht and without tantrum added)" (thi... Read More »

How to Stop Temper Tantrums?

Just about every parent has had to endure some form of a temper tantrum at one point or another from their child. All young children will push the limit from time to time. Some children give it up ... Read More »