How to Avoid Tailgaters?

Answer You're driving along and suddenly you hear a car honking it's horn behind you. You look in your rear view mirror and it almost looks like the person behind you is riding on your rear bumper. Want t... Read More »

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Tailgaters p*ss me off. What can you do about them?

the best thing to do is drive your own car instead of the car behind you. all you basically done was make a bad situation worse. Don't do anything stupid

How do you deal with tailgaters?

"The legal answer is to ignore them." This might be the legal answer in Canada but may not be legal here in the USA. Each state has its own laws but in most states on any road with more than one la... Read More »

How to Handle Tailgaters on the Road?

You may have learned the value of driving your car at speeds you can handle but how do you deal with a driver who offensively drives too close behind you? This article will give you some ways to pr... Read More »

What is the proper way to deal with tailgaters during a driving test?

" however on the DMV's website you tube video they say that it is an automatic failure if the driver does not notice the tailgater. "If that is true, then "notice them". Does the DMV website explai... Read More »