How to Avoid Sugar at Work?

Answer Those cookies someone brought in are not a wise ideaYou have quite a bit more control over sugar at home, but not as much at work. Here are some ideas for improving your problems with sugar addiction.

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Do you know if it's fat or if it's sugar that I need to cut down on to avoid diabetes?

It's being overweight and sedentary. So the answer to your question is both. It's too many calories (from fat, protein, carbs, or sugar) combined with poor physical conditioning that contribute to ... Read More »

Foods to Avoid High Blood Sugar?

If your energy levels are feeling low and you are concerned about conditions such as insulin resistance and diabetes, then eating foods that will reduce and balance your blood sugar levels is impor... Read More »

How is a vegan supposed to avoid refined sugar?

Well, you could practice "vegan diplomacy" in which you won't buy anything with refined sugar but if a friend offers you something, and it's otherwise vegan, you graciously accept.

How to Avoid Looking Hungover at Work?

Enjoyed a few too many awesome ales, joyful jello shots or cocky cocktails the night before work? Turning up to work looking hungover isn't going to get you up the corporate ladder; in fact, just s... Read More »