How to Avoid Stretch Marks When Lifting Weights?

Answer Stretch marks are harmless; however, they may be cosmetically distasteful. They may be pink, reddish or purple bands across the skin. This condition is commonly associated with pregnant women, due ... Read More »

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What foods should I avoid while I am lifting weights?

YES YES YES. To build muscle, you need an excess of calories. So you need to be eating lots of EVERYTHING. Carbs, protein, and fat. Now, don't overdo it, but I wouldn't worry about cutting them out... Read More »

How to Prevent Stretch Marks From Lifting?

Stretch marks have a number of causes from pregnancy to rapid weight loss or weight gain. Once stretch marks lift, it is more difficult and takes a while to get them to disappear. The best approach... Read More »

Why do my wrists hurt when lifting weights?

How do you know when you've got a burn when lifting weights?

usually a burn will come during the last final set of an exercisean usually when u just did a heavy setthen u quickly do something called a drop set. an u lift a light weight right away to exhaust ... Read More »