How to Avoid Strange People?

Answer Is there ever someone at school or work that acts strange around you? Do they like you or despise you and show it in ways that scare you or creep you out? Here are some ways you can change the situ... Read More »

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Strange Things That Live in People?

From parasites to micro-organisms, many strange things live in people. According to "Your Body Is a Planet," by Josie Glausiusz, the average human has roughly 90 trillion microbes. While the overwh... Read More »

Do you think black people look strange with green eyes?

Wear what you like. Some color contacts do look fake.....on ANYONE who wears them. But if you have realistic looking contacts I think it would look cool. And, contrary to what some have said, gr... Read More »

What tv series used People are strange by echo and the bunnymen?

I get strange chills when people touch certain fabric, and I can't touch those fabrics...?

I can't touch anything after washing my hands unless I put lotion on my hands.Until I get lotion on my hands I clench my fists so I don't accidentally touch fabric makes my skin crawl.Everyon... Read More »