How to Avoid Spoofing?

Answer Spoofing is a method by which a computer hacker alters information sent between computers to make it seem as if the packets originated from a different computer. If a network is set to only allow c... Read More »

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How to Avoid Spoofing for Gmail?

You can become the victim of a spoofing attack at any time, and unfortunately, you may not know until the damage is done. Spammers and other cyber-criminals can send mail that appears to come from ... Read More »

What is MAC spoofing?

A media access control (MAC) address is a six-byte number built into every network adapter in order to uniquely identify the physical device on the network.MAC Address FilteringSome computer networ... Read More »

How to Stop IP Spoofing?

IP spoofing is a way for computer hackers to conceal their computers' identity by giving false IP addresses. It can fool you to believe that a message is coming from a trusted website, when it fact... Read More »

What is caller ID spoofing?

Caller ID spoofing is the act of modifying the caller ID information sent by a phone so that the recipient's caller ID display shows a number other than the used to place the call. As of 2010, the ... Read More »