How to Avoid Sleep Deprivation by Sleeping with Your Baby?

Answer Giving birth to a baby is the most exciting, yet exhausting, thing a woman will ever do. Yet, American society tells us moms to put our babies in a room by themselves, in a big expensive crib with ... Read More »

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How to Avoid Sleeping In with Good Sleep Hygiene?

Everyone needs their sleep and no one likes having to wake up but sometime it is necessary to do so,(apparently).

Does sleep deprivation weaken your short-term memory?

Lack of sleep does hinder memory, attentiveness, your reflexes and even your physical strength.You're a kid, get a lot of sleep.

Has anyone here suffered with "Exploding Head Syndrome" due to sleep deprivation How did you cope?

I'm a chronic insomniac and yes I have precisely the same reactions as you described. I had no notion it was an actual medical condition as I have never asked the doctor about it. They always want ... Read More »

Why do people think co-sleeping with your baby is appropriate?

Because part of being a parent is making decisions about how to raise your child. Why do some people think it is ok to judge how others bring up their children ?? people should be able to make the... Read More »