How to Avoid Selling Alcohol to Someone Illegally?

Answer So you have a job as a cashier in a place that sells alcohol. People have the risk of selling alcohol to someone underage. You can get in serious trouble for that. Here's how to avoid doing it.

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How to Avoid Selling Tobacco Products to Someone Illegally?

Selling tobacco products to someone underage is illegal. Here's how to avoid doing it.

How to Report Someone Who Is in the Country Illegally?

Illegal immigration costs the United States an untold amount of money each year in bureaucracy costs, education, medical bills, and unpaid taxes. Fox News places the dollar amount at $113 billion a... Read More »

How can someone immigrate illegally to the us from Mexico?

Crossing the border by running, jumping, or swimming. Many of them die in their attemp to.

How can i get someone in trouble if they are under Section 8 and working illegally?

Report him to welfare, the housing authority, the social security department and immigration services. Chances are none of them will do anything.