How to Avoid Self Destructive Behaviour in College?

Answer Going to college and university is a stressful time so it's hardly surprising that some students can fall victim to self-harm, eating disorders or other self-destructive behaviour. The student may ... Read More »

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What is mean by destructive and non destructive scanning?

Destructive SAVING implies data compression (JPG format). Other formats like TIFF and BMP are nondestructive, because they don't compress the data.Otherwise known as "lossy" compression.

How to Avoid Getting Raped in College?

Do you have fears that you may get raped while in college? Here are some very helpful pointers you can follow if you want to really stay safe.

How to Avoid Alcohol While at College?

Temptation? You can face it.So your friends want to party on a Friday night? When they want to have a good time by drinking but it's not for you, what do you do? This article provides some suggesti... Read More »

College Essay Topics to Avoid?

The college essay is a common component of the undergraduate application process. To encourage creative expression, many colleges permit students to select the essay topic. As such, it is one of th... Read More »