How to Avoid Rust Spots Created by Shaving Foam Cans?

Answer Avoiding those nasty stains that shaving foam cans leave on your bath cabinet or on the counter by your sink is very easy.

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How to Recycle Shaving Cream Cans?

Shaving cream cans, as well as many other aerosol cans, can be recycled in your city, county or state recycling program. Most recycling programs make you separate recyclables into paper, cardboards... Read More »

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Shaving Gel Vs. Foam Comparisons?

Shaving gel and shaving foam differ, although both are made of similar ingredients. Use one or the other to get an effective, close shave without risk of irritating your skin.

How to Preserve and Extend Your Cans of Gap Filling (Isocyanurate) Foam?

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