How to Avoid Problems in Economic Development Projects?

Answer When doing economic development projects overseas with the goal of poverty alleviation many people are unaware that seemingly helpful actions can create major long term problems. This article cover... Read More »

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What is dedination for the problems which is faced by the economic student while learning economic while learning economical studies?

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What is an economic development analysis?

Economic development analysis analyzes the product of economic development such as wealth, job growth, standard of living and people's working conditions. The study also analyzes process of economi... Read More »

Grants for African Women & Economic Development?

In many African countries, the female population is hit the hardest by war, famine and poverty. In response to this reality, many non-profit organizations have developed with the intent on helping ... Read More »

How to Write a Letter That Explains One Way the Nation Can Get Funds Needed for Economic Development?

When writing to a political figure or other public or private office holder about getting funding for economic development, it's important to remember the basic rules of letter writing. By followin... Read More »